Three fundamental ways to consciously elevate your brand.

June 15, 2021

1. Invest in professional brand design.

All elevated brands use professional design to grow their businesses and elevate themselves to the ranks of the well known. Branding is an investment that will help you to stand apart, encouraging your audience to extend their trust to you, forming lasting, meaningful relationships and fostering growth for your brand.

Who’s doing it mindfully? Vitruvi


Vitruvi are experts in natural scenting. Besides consciously creating natural oil blends, they are experts in building a recognizable brand. A thoughtfully design-centric company, they consider every detail from the logos on their products to the way they are presented on social media. Each brand touchpoint is elevated and beautiful down to the minutest detail of the package arriving on your doorstep.


2. Be consistent in your all your brand’s touchpoints.

Want a recognizable brand? Consistently using the same logo, fonts, colours, patterns, shapes other brand elements in your marketing is absolutely key. Besides using a consistent visual language, brands must also have a consistent communication style.  Whether it’s flowing and poetic or more to the point, just like an individual, a brand communicates in a specific way and it becomes part of what your audience can expect from your brand. What’s amazing about consistency is that it doesn’t cost you anything.

Who’s doing it mindfully? Blume

An all natural skin and body care brand, Blume creates impact with branding that resonates. Most notable is their skin toned colour palette that can be found throughout their touchpoints including their website, social media and packaging. Font use is consistent throughout all touchpoints, even their photography is consistent throughout their entire website, containing their brand colours and cohesive style.


3. Create a memorable experience online as well as offline.

An effective way to elevate your brand experience for your audience is go above and beyond what’s expected. Handwritten notes, free samples, personalized gifts and custom packaging are impactful in ways that matter and last.

Who’s doing it mindfully? New Moon Tea Company

If you’ve ordered their teas, you’ll most certainly remember how they arrived. The floral scent that wafts from the mailbox is just the beginning.  New Moon teas are shipped in a crisp box finished with a brand sticker. Their packaging features hand drawn florals and herbs. Upon opening, there’s always a greeting card, informative card and a free sample of their amazing tea that accompanies the order; a beautiful, memorable experience.



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