a branding studio dedicated to helping wellness experts make a significant impact in their industry.


what you can expect


We believe in creating an effortless client experience that is enjoyable, surprising and will leave you with life changing,  intuitive design that reflects the heart of your brand.


Health and wellness is our specialty. Both in personal and professional life, we are familiar with many of our clients'  professions, allowing us to serve them from personal experience.

Minimalist design is an unexpected visual language that differs from mainstream design. It is thoughtfully curated and will elevate your presence, helping you stand out.


All of our design is strategically informed. This means that every aspect of our design work has purpose and intention, maximizing your ROI; it's not just pretty.


Vancouver web designer & brand strategist

Hi there, I'm Agatha. Many cups of tea, over a decade of experience and hundreds of wellness clients later, I have a deep and established knowledge of branding needs and how to translate these into design that brings about change. Let me help you define your brand and clarify your messaging, so that you can get back to doing what you do best...helping people.

meet the founder, designer + brand strategist

Ederra, translated as “beautiful,” stems from a European language called Basque.

While this doesn’t embody the entirety of what we do, it signifies the firm belief that beautiful design can make life-changing impact. This is why Ederra Design was founded (2011), to design beautiful brands that travel beyond the surface and into strategy, and intention.


from the founder

Minimalism /   

I've always loved the idea of less, and found it had a name years ago. In every part of my life, I aim for less — less clutter mentally and less clutter surrounding me. I love empty space, and feel that it is important that everything has room to breathe. This foundational belief translates into the work I share. Just as everything needs purpose, so it is with each element of my design work.

Life is "noisy" and full of distractions. This can impact one's ability to function from a place of intent. By approaching your design work with clear goals, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of your brand's heart and target audience, we'll create impactful design that not only resonates with your clients, stands out from your competitors; but ultimately rises above the noise.


Anne, our junior designer plays an integral role in our business. She illustrates, assists with the design process and completes other foundational tasks in the studio. Anne also works as a brand photographer. Get in touch if you'd like to book a session!

meet our junior designer

This will be your cup of tea if...

You have a  vision and are ready to do what it takes to get there.

You're a health and wellness expert and you know what your hopes and dreams are for your business. You realize that change is essential to propel you into a season of growth

You're ready for a design expert to take your business to the next level.

You are prepared to do things the right way, without taking shortcuts. You long for a professional brand that reflects your level of expertise, sells your services and supports future growth.

You understand that investing in design will result in growth.

Working with a brand designer will save you time, simplify your marketing efforts and bring you ROI, and you're ready for a renewed "burst of life" in  your business.