I'm a minimalist brand designer who believes strategic, beautiful design can impact your business in life-changing ways.


While this doesn’t embody the entirety of what I do, it signifies the firm belief that beautiful design can make life-changing impact. This is why Ederra Design was founded in 2011, to design beautiful brands that travel beyond the surface and into strategy, and intention.

Beauty, branded with strategy for dedicated entrepreneurs

Vancouver web designer & brand strategist

Ederra, translated as “beautiful,” stems from a European language called Basque.

behind my approach

I've always loved the idea of less, and found it had a name years ago. In every part of my life, I attempt to have less — less clutter, less clothing in my closet, less in my house. I love empty space, and feel that it is important that everything has room to breathe. This belief translates into my design work. Just as everything needs purpose, so it is with each element of my design work.

Never underestimate the power of "hope," or its somewhat softer counterpart, "dreams." Coupled with ambition, hopes and dreams are limitless — all successful brands were once founded on these.⁠ You will find hope, encouragement and empowerment here, alongside custom brands and websites that are made to flourish.

An enjoyable process of clarity + surprise.

Minimalism with soulful impact.


Mindful of the impression.

Delivering my version of perfection.



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This will be YOUR cup of tea if...

A minimalist at heart, this shines through profoundly in every design project I touch.⁠ Minimal design makes the world a better place, and I purposefully align with brands that feel the same.

You seek results that are meant to last, as opposed to a quick fix. You are willing to do things the right way, without taking shortcuts. Akin to your disapproval of the fast-fashion cycle , you long for a brand that feels just as crafted and enduring as a piece of classic fine art.

You’re drawn to minimalism.

You believe in pacing growth for long-term results.

When you work with a brand designer that you trust, it makes decisions easy. Trust me to craft a lasting brand for you — from the visuals to the foundational messaging.

You’re ready to make decisions easy.

Uniqueness is a strength.
identifying yours will help you attract your audience.