stirring hearts with beautiful branding + web design.

est. 2011

Helping businesses mindfully affect lives and leave lasting impressions by designing modern brands rooted in strategy and storytelling. 

quietly impactful.

Our branding and web design approach merges minimalism with research, catering to those who are reluctant to join other entrepreneurs on the beaten path that is crowded with impractical designs and fading trends.

Rather than rushing aimlessly through the process only to create a meaningless design that undermines your goals, your brand design and story will be a mindful reflection of focus and commitment, steadily and effortlessly encouraging success; quietly impactful.

I’m Agatha – wife and mother with a passion for design and an even bigger passion for helping you identify and connect with your unique strengths. Together, we’ll translate those strengths into impactful visuals that allow you to flourish and grow online.

I'm the branding and web designer who will encourage you, introducing you to the limitless world of minimal design and applying it in a way that will exceed your expectations. Supported by strategy, modern brand design fundamentally contributes to a business’s ability to succeed. I’m so excited to explore this potential with you. Let's design a brand that is wholeheartedly you.

Brand strategist for wholehearted entrepreneurs

the designer


leaves a lasting impression
warms the heart
light, yet rich
hints of character
refreshes the senses
alludes to indulgence
finishes smoothly

light + full experience

jack | chilliwack, bc

“Her superior level of design, knowledge, creativity, understanding, innovation and passion is beyond every expectation.”


“Super prompt and great attention to detail, the finished product is exactly what I was looking for.”

Emily | Virginia, USA

“From the beginning to the end, she was professional, helpful, and worked with me to create a brand that felt like "me" and that I could be proud of.”

Julaine | AGASSIZ, bc

“Agatha takes the time to learn about you and your business and uses this knowledge to craft marketing material that is perfectly tailored to your needs.”


“I don’t really have the words to describe my experience other than Agatha ‘GOT’ me.”


“She is attentive, creative, thoughtful, and incredibly intentional in her work.”

KIND noteS

From our branding and web design clients

Make a profound and lasting impact with design that showcases your strong points.

make less of a loud entrance, and more of a mindful statement with branding that showcases your value so you don’t have to.