The parlour

At the Parlour, Brandee strives to create a place that is safe and comfortable for her guests. It is a place where you can embrace openness and share feelings in the moment and leave feeling uplifted and confident. The Parlour's brand was designed for the woman who mindfully views self care as a generous practice to improve her resilience and confidence, to heal - so that she would grow and bloom courageously in her calling.

The Parlour is a space to return to oneself - a comfort to return to.

the brand strategy

The Parlour brand is beautiful, raw and surprising. The floral drawing is heather, a floral ground cover that is wild and beautiful, symbolizing transformative change. We created the tagline "A comfort to return to"; referring to coming back to oneself in the moment, and finding comfort in that journey, to feel comfortable in your own skin. The Parlour is a space to return to oneself - a comfort to return to.

Our goal for the website was to reflect the comforting and healing essence of this spa sanctuary. The website features an inviting design, showcases services including medical aesthetics, skincare and lymphatic contouring, accompanied by trust-building testimonials. The website facilitates easy online bookings and Brandee's own product line can be purchased making it a one-stop destination for clients. The strategy's overarching goal was to seamlessly extend The Parlour's warm embrace into the digital realm, promoting rejuvenation and self-discovery for all who visit.


brandee's thoughts

"Working with Agatha has been nothing short of an amazing experience. She is beyond organized, meticulous and an absolute creative genius. After just our very first chat I knew she was going to be able to put forth a site with beauty and emotion. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders ‘she just got me.’

I am so very proud to show my website. I can hardly believe how beautifully sleek and professionally everything came together. I am reminded of this daily. Her amazing work with The Parlour quickly included help with branding of Bloem Botanicals, skincare product labeling, and photography. I am so very grateful to Agatha and her graceful ability to pull my thoughts and desires for this website, to distill a clear voice and visual presence for both my brands.
Beyond impressed and I would recommend her 1000 times over!!"