rebirth wellness

Jodi, the founder of Rebirth Wellness, began with a simple mission - to cultivate a haven where mothers and parents could thrive. Jodi shared a profound passion for empowering mothers and fostering a sense of community; the inspiration behind this brand design. Her dedication to witnessing healing and creating a space where women could come together and thrive was evident in every word she spoke. Under Jodi's guidance, Rebirth Wellness stands as a beacon in the movement towards a culture that not only acknowledges but truly celebrates mothers. It embodies a vital mission of helping mothers embrace a self-focused perspective, where their needs, wants, health, and happiness are not just acknowledged but cherished. Rebirth Wellness is at the forefront of this essential journey, forging a path where togetherness is a beautiful and transformative place to be.

Rebirth is a place where how one feels resonates deeply; is memorable.

the brand strategy

The lower case letters emulate a relaxed vibe, with the "e" and "b" being connected by a custom swash. This connection symbolizes the connection between members of the rebirth community. The brand colors represent a safe and professional space, a dependable, balanced support system. Together they tell the lively story of Rebirth; where families can rest in soul-driven support that is tailored to them.

Rebirth Wellness' website has been thoughtfully designed with busy mothers in mind. Using Squarespace, the website features easy-to-navigate layouts, integrated booking links for seamless consultation bookings and payments, and multiple well-organized pages that inform visitors of their services. The site's minimalist and feminine aesthetic creates a warm and inviting space, placing the wellbeing of mothers at the forefront of the online experience, making it a perfect resource tailored specifically for them.