Carissa Sparrow, the therapist behind Sparrow Therapy, entrusted us with a heartfelt mission – to cultivate a brand that resonated deeply with women facing fertility challenges. Our conversations with Carissa illuminated her profound dedication to providing a sanctuary of mental and emotional support for her clients. It became evident that we needed to craft a brand that not only showcased her advanced expertise but also embodied her unwavering passion. Together, we designed a brand that served as a true reflection of her heart's desire, encapsulating her fervor to instill hope, clarity, and a brighter future in the lives of those she assists. Through Sparrow Therapy, Carissa stands ready to provide the tools to navigate and overcome life's struggles, offering a safe haven for women on their fertility journey.

A beautiful brand that supports women through the through life's challenges during the perinatal and postpartum period. 

the brand strategy

The botanical element in the logo is thyme, an earthy plant that is believed to help one find strength when weak and courage when afraid. Thyme is also known to bring mental clarity and aids in letting go of past emotions that are holding one back. A fitting parallel, since Sparrow Therapy wants to support her clients with an authentic and open approach, equipping them with the tools and inner realization of their strength to overcome in their infertility journey.

Our goal for this website was to create a captivating online platform that mirrors the transformative qualities of thyme, an emblematic botanical element. The website seamlessly blends earthy aesthetics and minimalist design elements to evoke feelings of strength, courage, and mental clarity. The navigation is intuitive, fostering an open and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. 
Through a user-centric approach, this website is a hub for authentic support and empowerment, aligning perfectly with the brand's mission to help women struggling with infertility.