wellborn rentals

Wellborn Rentals, a business founded by Anneka, is a haven for mothers seeking the beauty and comfort of home birthing. Anneka's heartfelt mission revolves around supporting and encouraging mothers on their unique home birthing journeys. At the core of Wellborn Rentals lies the provision of birthing pools, offering mothers the opportunity to embrace the warmth and familiarity of their own homes during this transformative experience. Anneka's brand is not just about the practicality of rentals; it embodies kindness, support, and a warm embrace for every mother who interacts with the brand.  This brand is about making the home birthing experience as beautiful and meaningful as it can be.

A wildly beautiful brand that reminds us that beauty is a soft courage within.

the brand strategy

The floral drawing is a water lily - a symbol of rebirth and motherhood, a flower that is wild and beautiful. An element to remind us that beauty is not linear, it is openness to change, and a strong courage within.

Our website strategy for Wellborn Rentals is designed to create an inviting and informative online platform that resonates with Anneka's mission to support and empower home birthing mothers. The website features a lot of natural elements, emphasizing the quality and safety of our birthing pool rentals. The website also contains educational resources on home birthing. In essence, our strategy aims to go beyond simply renting birthing pools; it aims to establish a nurturing online space where mothers feel valued and empowered throughout their home birthing journey.


anneka's thoughts

"Agatha is incredible at what she does. When she has a vision she creates it beautiful, unique and packed with deeper thought and meaning. Her brand design is consistent, minimalistic and emanates calmness. After laying out my ideas for Wellborn, I was pleasantly surprised when she came back with much more than just the logo and website I had in mind. Agatha is prompt, professional and talented! I highly recommend!"