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I'm here to share my passion for all things brand design for wellness brands.
Hi, I'm Agatha

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Welcome to the blog; a space where you will discover visionary wellness brands, learn about brand design, and leave feeling inspired to build your own brand. I’m Agatha, a designer who serves wellness brands with strategic branding and website design. I live in beautiful Fraser Valley, British Columbia where I’m blessed to be supported by a small team at work, as well as my husband and our 3 wonderful children.

My work brings deep meaning and joy to my life. As one who appreciates quiet, simplicity, and finds emotional connection in virtually everything I do, I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to serve wellness brands who bring health and wellness to the lives of others. I, myself, have needed them as I’ve battled chronic illness. It’s been through the support of many of these brands and wellness providers that I have in turn found improved wellness.

In light of this, I will be sharing about health & wellness and the world of brand strategy and design, and how these intersect. You can expect to find:

  • Expert branding advice, and direction on how to propel your business forward in the health and wellness space.
  • Self-care and ways to nourish yourself in the fast-paced life of a small business owner.
  • Success stories from wellness brands, which I hope will be as inspirational to you on your small business journey as they have been to my own life. 
  • New launches of beautiful wellness brands.
  • A look at up and coming small businesses in the health and wellness space plus industry visionaries who have successfully carved out their place in the world.

As this business has grown over time, so have I. My favourite epiphany over time has been discovering each brand I’ve worked with, uncovering the values, emotions and feelings behind each. This makes each brand remarkably unique, just like you.

Finally, as I share about these brands, you will find themes woven through this work; themes of simplicity, honest expression, connection and well-being. If you are in a season of self-discovery, growth, change, or are considering a “rebrand”, pour yourself a cup of tea and take this journey with me.

Sending love,


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Hello, I'm Agatha

A brand strategist with a minimalist approach, a sweet family and a cockapoo based in BC, Canada.


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