Rita Girn Wellness, led by therapist Rita Girn, is driven by a deeply human approach to healing and growth. Rita's mission revolves around providing individualized services that foster connection, belonging, and compassion, both externally and within. She walks alongside her clients, creating a safe and familiar space for them to heal from the past, live wholeheartedly in the present, and equip themselves with valuable skills for the future. Rita's brand is soft and inviting, a representation of her goals.

A professional but intimate brand that supports personal growth and healing through trauma informed care.

the brand strategy

This brand design features a hand drawn tree, not a sapling; large enough to have life experience, small enough to present opportunity and room for growth.
The tree sports a perfectly imperfect crown, and natural and nonsymmetrical root system; unique and strong. This tree symbolizes our nature as humans, we're imperfect, but we're undeniably beautiful and strong, each unique in our own way. As a whole, this tree symbolizes journeying through life, the different stages and seasons we experience and our ultimate thriving. The neutrals and greens colours a grounding calm, and represent intimacy, growth and trustworthiness. 

Our goal for this website was to create a calming online space. A space that exuded Rita's heart, and the foundational empathy she works from. The website features a lot of detailed nature photos and and a green and neutral colour scheme. The user-centric design features Rita's various services, a personalized biography with a heartfelt note, and several authentic client testimonials. SEO optimization, accessibility, and regular updates will ensure a user-friendly experience while maintaining credibility and professionalism. Overall, the website is an informative and inviting online space for individuals seeking support and personal growth.


Rita's thoughts

"Agatha did a complete overhaul of our website this past year and completely BLEW ME AWAY! for me it was so hard to visualize and a lot of the descriptions i sent were so minimal as it was hard to write about myself. She took all the information in and produced this amazing website way beyond my expectations! Best investment I have ever done! She is amazing!"