Nourished & being

Nourished and Being specializes in hand crafting simple and natural skin care products using grass-fed and finished tallow sourced from local ranchers in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Local, organic herbs and spices are collected to create delicate scents with nourishing benefits. Through her work, Kelsey seeks to inspire others to live in a soul-invigorating way that revitalizes the body and mind, bringing true holistic wellness.

An uplifting and natural brand for the passionate one who dares to live differently.

the brand strategy

The sunrise and sun rays contained in a circle symbolize renewed life, light warmth and hope. These all are emulated by the brand, and is what Kelsey hopes to bring to her community. The logo is minimalist in nature, and features a sans serif text with the lesser important information presented in a supporting sans serif font, a timeless and grounded combination. The brand's has a mostly neutral colour palette with hints of coral for a sense of vibrance and life.