Heart & Soul Nutrition

As certified professional nutritionist and holistic chef, Danielle supports her clients by providing healthy meals that fuel their bodies and minds. She lives and works by the statement: "food is medicine", supporting her clients with personal shopping, cooking and nutritional guidance. She brings them improved health and joy; feelings that are radiated by her brand. Her brand is uplifting and inspiring; nourishing and joyful.

Heart centred nourishment for mind, body and soul.

the brand strategy

The logo element is a "snippet of sunshine", a sunrise. It is symbolic of growth and new beginnings. In many ways you bring this to your clients with your services. We've used a joyful colour palette with soft and bright colours inspired by the beautiful foods you cook with. 

Danielle's website is currently under construction.


brandee's thoughts

"Working with Agatha has been nothing short of an amazing experience. She is beyond organized, meticulous and an absolute creative genius. After just our very first chat I knew she was going to be able to put forth a site with beauty and emotion. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders ‘she just got me.’

I am so very proud to show my website. I can hardly believe how beautifully sleek and professionally everything came together. I am reminded of this daily. Her amazing work with The Parlour quickly included help with branding of Bloem Botanicals, skincare product labeling, and photography. I am so very grateful to Agatha and her graceful ability to pull my thoughts and desires for this website, to distill a clear voice and visual presence for both my brands.
Beyond impressed and I would recommend her 1000 times over!!"