Carissa Sparrow is an experienced therapist, who mindfully support clients who have experienced trauma and those who are on a difficult journey to grow their family. She seeks to support from the heart, helping her clients to overcome and live abundant lives.

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sparrow therapy

The botanical element in the logo is thyme, an earthy plant that is believed to help one find strength when weak and courage when afraid. Thyme is also known to bring mental clarity and aids in letting go of past emotions that are holding one back. A fitting parallel, you aim to support your clients with an authentic and open approach, equipping them with the tools and inner realization of their strength to overcome.  

The logo is minimalist in nature, and features a modern sans serif text for the business name, with the supporting information presented in a smaller all caps sans serif font, a timeless and grounded combination. The brand's neutral colour palette with hints of green gives the brand a grounding and natural feeling. An off centre alignment has been used for the logo elements, creating a clean and crisp arrangement that is engaging.