BEKA, named after the Basque word for 'fellowship' or, in modern terms, 'community', embodies their mission. This program serves as a guiding light, leading individuals on a journey to discover a profound sense of purpose and security within our community. At its core, BEKA creates a sanctuary where every member is not just embraced but actively included. It aspires to unite our community under the banner of collective purpose, emphasizing the strength that emerges when we stand together, ensuring that no one is left behind. BEKA's commitment to fostering fellowship and shared purpose resonates as a testament to its dedication to creating a safe and purposeful haven for all.

A community program for diversely abled individuals to integrate into their communities to foster a mutual feeling of connection and purpose.

the brand strategy

At Beka, they strive to unite their community by emphasizing the incredible strength that emerges when we stand together. The Coriander in the logo symbolizes 'hidden worth,' a testament to their commitment to uncover and celebrate the untapped potential within each individual, ultimately creating a safe and purposeful haven where everyone can thrive. Beka is more than a brand; it's a promise of empowerment and belonging.

thoughts from Beka's team

"We have received countless compliments on our brand identity. If you are looking for a designer who can take your brand to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Agatha at Ederra Design. Her creativity, expertise, and dedication are unmatched, and she has truly become an invaluable partner in Beka's journey. Thank you, Agatha, for your incredible work."