Au lait lactation

Melissa from Au Lait Lactation came to us with a quest on her heart, to build a brand that spoke to the nurturing mother's heart. While talking to Melissa, it was clear that she was deeply passionate about her calling to help mothers and their little ones. With a background in nursing and years of maternity experience, it was important that we designed a professional brand that communicated her advanced level of skill. Together, we built a brand that represented her heart, embodied her passion and equipped her to serve mothers throughout the Fraser Valley.

Supporting mothers during their most vulnerable time, holding space for them when their inner power is quiet.

the brand strategy

Intentionally designed with mothers in mind, this brand is soft and feminine. The "L" in the brand logo flows from right to left; an ode to the fact that things don't always go according to plan, especially in motherhood, but that beauty can be found in the unexpected. The brand design contains fluid, gentle shapes representing flowing nourishment within the maternal relationship.

Since mothers are often short of time, Melissa's website is laid out in a way that makes it easy for them to access the information and help they are looking for.

The site is built in Squarespace and includes Square links so that client can effortlessly book and pay for consultations before meeting with Melissa. Multiple pages present information in a way that allows website visitors to engage as they are browsing. The website is a soft, welcoming and feminine space that places the wellbeing of mothers at the forefront.


melissa's thoughts

"Oh Agatha!!! How can I thank you enough!!!!🤍🤍🤍 just truly appreciate you & your work… and all of your assistance through this… your patience with all of my questions!! The website you have designed & created for me is more than I could have wished for!!!!"

"I love, love, love all the phenomenal work that you have done on my website! You truly have put it together so well.... worded it so beautifully.... and made it so easy to view & use!"