ARgan Counselling

Argan Counselling, led by Henk, is driven by a profound commitment to supporting individuals, couples, and families on their journey towards healing and growth. With unwavering dedication, Henk has cultivated a safe haven where clients can openly share their struggles, knowing that their needs and well-being take precedence above all else. In this nurturing space, Henk's mission is to bring about life-changing transformations, guided by the principles of honesty and transparency. The brand radiates an uplifting and hopeful spirit, embodying authenticity at its core. Argan Counselling stands as a beacon of light, offering a genuine and unwavering source of support to those in need, reflecting Henk's deep passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Relationship centred counselling for individuals, couples and families.

the brand strategy

This brand speaks to the those who seek inner peace and restoration; and believe that a strong foundational approach will help them overcome the challenges they face.

The fonts used for the brand design sans serif, a masculine choice that is modern and minimal. The "R" has a custom extension on it to enhance the flow of the logo. The Argan tree; a custom drawn component is a symbol of resilience: the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. A characteristic that is essential in the healing journey. Overall, this brand design is grounding and nature inspired, making it a good fit for the brand's future aspirations to incorporate nature as a healing modality within the practice.

We crafted a serene online sanctuary for Argan Counselling, keeping state of mind at the forefront of the design. Inspired by Westcoast nature, this minimalist website is both a tranquil and intuitive experience. It's well-organized structure guarantees easy navigation, making it effortless for visitors to access the information they're looking for.

The intention was not to just introduce the available services, but to provide a glimpse into the heart of the dedicated counselor, Henk Klassen, and his empathetic approach to his clients' well-being. This online space has been meticulously designed to offer a combination of comfort and convenience, wrapped up into a professional  online experience.