The Wild Sage is full service floral studio based in Ontario, Canada. They are passionate about using exotic, seasonal, and local florals to design artisanal bouquets for courageous hearts -  wedding florals like you've never seen.

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Unique like their florals; we designed a website that is surprising and beautiful in it's layout, with bohemian influences, and a classic layout and navigation. 

the wild sage

The results

Since redesigning their website, they've had a major increase in form submissions from ideal clientele and wedding planners and a multitude of positive feedback from vendors about the website.

kind words from Amy

"Before working with Agatha, I struggled with understanding my niche, who my target audience was, and how I could best serve them.
Since redesigning my website, I've had a major increase in website form submissions and a multitude of positive feedback from vendors about my website.

If you’re considering an update or rebrand, I highly recommend working with Agatha! Investing in her services is investing in exponential growth.

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Mindful, minimal branding and website design that causes a stir with a distinct aesthetic.






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