You are busy managing your practice and you're spending hours every week trying to plan your social media feed, overwhelmed by the thought of having to show up while managing an already large to-do list.

You don't want to be inauthentic by creating create "wacky" content or reels that don’t align with who you are as a professional.⁠

the social consistency kit

simplify your socials + build your community with

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What's included

30 minute strategy call
Instagram profile audit
14 day social media plan
30 post suggestions tailored to you
10 custom Instagram templates in Canva
7 story slides

The social consistency kit is a custom template kit for wellness providers who want to show up on Instagram in a cohesive way that represents with their level of expertise and helps them build their community. The purpose of this kit is simple – to give you all of the tools, knowledge and confidence that you need to flourish on Instagram. 

It's in the details...

An easeful social media experience.

Are you ready for this?

Imagine effortlessly managing your social media presence, enjoying a seamless and stress-free experience while connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Clarity and confidence in your marketing.

Visualize a time where your marketing efforts are aligned with your professional identity, leading to increased confidence in your marketing and attracting the right clients to your practice.

More time to spend in your practice.

Picture having extra hours each week to dedicate to your practice, along with a newfound clarity in your daily tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.