Intriguing your audience, captivating them, goes far beyond simple images, text and buttons. With our five step framework, we'll make sure your website is a modern experience, taking your website visitors on a strategic journey all the way to your contact form. With a focus on clearly communicating your heart and unique approach, we’ll create a distinct website experience that has life changing and long-term impact on your business. authentic online home

Expand your brand into a
heart-warming digital experience...

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Your website and branding should evolve with your business. If you're online experience doesn't generate a response, it's time for a site refresh that reignites passion in your business.

A dormant website means you're missing opportunities to convert visitors into customers. Every visitor is a potential connection you could make, every exit means you're losing out.

Google loves fresh, relevant content. An inactive website can hurt your search engine rankings, making it harder for potential customers to find you.

your website should evolve.

your website should convert.

your website should be visible.

What's included

Detailed strategy questionnaire
5 page tailored website design
Photography guide
Basic SEO
Test + launch
Website training 
2 weeks post launch support

BONUS: Launch graphics

It's time to design an online home that represents who you are and the services you provide in an organized and impactful way that educates your website visitors and illuminates the benefits of your work and practice in a way that is unique and emulates the healing experience you offer.

It's in the details...

"Such a lovely experience working with Ederra Design. She totally captured the vibe and energy of my business into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing website. Very much recommend!"

meghan, accupunturist, victoria, bc

"Working with Agatha on my brand and website design was a delightful experience. She is professional, sincere, and has an exceptional eye for design. Her thoughtful process resulted in a brand and website design that is not only beautiful but a true reflection of my business that I am proud to share with others"

Katie, ocean park, BC

"Agatha at Ederra has helped me on several projects and I am always thrilled! She is attentive, creative, thoughtful, and incredibly intentional in her work. She delivers on time and with exceptional care. She is highly professional and I have recommended her to many others. I look forward to working with her again!"

meagan, therapist, mission, bc

"Agatha was a pleasure to work with. She was able to meet with me virtually and take my loose ideas and weave a brand story that captured the soul of my business. Her communication was perfect and she was able to guide me every step of the way. I can't recommend her enough!"

eleanor, chilliwack, bc

An online presence that attracts dream clients.

Are you ready for this?

An online presence that resonates with your ideal clients, making them eager to connect and collaborate with you.

An online presence rooted in purpose and pride.

A purpose-driven digital experience that aligns with your brand's mission, evoking a deep sense of pride in your every interaction.

An online presence that sets you apart.

A unique visual identity that is instantly recognizable, setting you apart from competitors and leaving a lasting imprint in the minds of your audience.

An online experience that makes you proud.

A brand strategy that serves as a roadmap for sustainable business growth, reducing reliance on social media and constant selling.

At the beginning of every project, we'll begin with a  discovery phase. We'll gain a deep understanding of your brand, its objectives, and your ideal clients. We'll also complete a competitor analysis to identify opportunities and trends within your industry and  gather essential information to form the foundation of our design strategy.

discover + learn

With insights from the research phase, we'll move on to crafting a unique concept and design strategy. We'll define the structure of your website, its navigation, and discuss the user experience. We'll create a mood board and establish a visual direction that sets the tone for the design process, aligning every element with your brand identity.

Concept + Strategy

Time for the magic. We'll bring the design to life, ensuring it not only looks visually stunning but also functions well. We'll ensure that the website adapts to various devices and screen sizes and every aspect of your website will have a purpose - to convert, clarify and/or educate.

Design + Develop

At this stage, we'll test your website to ensure functionality, compatibility, and responsiveness across multiple devices and browsers. We'll optimize the website for performance, speed, and SEO to maximize visibility and make it a memorable experience for your clients.

Test + Refine

We'll configure hosting and your domain to ensure a smooth and secure launch. Post launch, we’ll give you everything you need to edit and maintain your website - eliminating “management” fees. However, if you require help with post-launch updates, we'll be here to give you hand!

Launch + sustain

The flourish framework

our five step process


This IS your cup of tea if...

You believe in the power of strategic design to take your business to the next level.

You understand that achieving and maintaining success in your field requires a commitment.

You are able to trust our design expertise and provide accurate and timely feedback to the work.

You're able to send us the content required to design a strategicwebsite for you.

This is NOT for you if...

If you're looking for quick fixes or temporary solutions, this may not align well with your goals.

If you're not willing to allocate resources to your growth, it may be challenging to achieve your desired outcomes.

You run an ecommerce brand that focusses on primarily selling products.

You're not able to complete the prep work that's required for us to complete your online home.