Studio Lavender creates luxurious wedding stationary suites for romantic couples. Clients can choose from a myriad of custom papers, colours, seals and finishing - ending up with the dreamiest luxury invitation sets.

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about the brand

Studio Lavender values quality, handcrafted touches, communication, learning and growth; these values are woven into her brand touch points in many different ways, creating a modern, professional, soft and sophisticated visual language that is successfully contributing to business growth.

Studio Lavender now has a website that aligns with their vision for the future and appeals to their ideal audience. 
Since launching, they have received an increased number of form inquiries from ideal clients who extend their trust and utilize their services, creating luxurious stationary sets.

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"My previous website was vague and didn't speak to my ideal clients. Because of this lack of clarity, I struggled with confidence and pricing. And the clients that did come to me, couldn't recognize the value and quality of my work."

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"Since investing in a brand refresh and new website, I feel confident and receive regular inquiries from clients who want to work with me and trust me based on the online experience. I have seen growth in my business, and feel clarity in my work and mission. It was so worth it!"

 Agatha is very, very experienced, organized and professional. It was exactly what I envisioned it to be! I have received so many new inquiries and they are from my ideal client! The rebrand was exactly what I needed to take that next step. If I wouldn’t have rebranded I do not think it would have been possible. Thanks again Agatha!

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