Rita Girn a compassionate and experienced therapist, guides clients through the ups and downs of life, encouraging and equipping them to live to their full potential.

about the brand

The logo features a hand drawn tree, not a sapling; large enough to have life experience, small enough to present opportunity and room for growth.
The tree sports a perfectly imperfect crown, and natural and nonsymmetrical root system; unique and strong. This tree symbolizes our nature as humans, we're imperfect, but we're undeniably beautiful and strong, each unique in our own way.

rita girn wellness


As a whole, this tree symbolizes journeying through life, the different stages and seasons we experience and our ultimate thriving.
We've paired a serif font with a sans serif font for a modern but classic and grounded look. The neutrals and greens colours a grounding calm, and represent intimacy, growth and trustworthiness. Centre alignment has been used for all logo elements, adding some balance to the asymmetrical hand drawn tree, creating a clean and crisp arrangement.