Kelsey is a registered holistic nutritionist who is passionate about living differently; on her own terms. This closely held belief inspires her brand; and exudes beyond it. She seeks to inspire others to live in a soul-invigorating way that revitalizes the body and mind, bringing true holistic wellness.

about the design

about the brand

The sunrise and sun rays contained in a circle symbolize renewed live, light warmth and hope. These all are emulated by the brand, and is what you hope to bring to those who interact your brand. The logo is minimalist in nature, and features a sans serif text for the business name, with the lesser important information presented in a supporting sans serif font, a timeless and grounded combination.

nourished & being

The brand's neutral colour palette with hints of coral gives the brand a feminine feeling. Centre alignment and left alignment has been used for the logo arrangements, creating a clean and crisp arrangement of the brand elements in each layout.