My Millie Jewelry is for sentimental souls. For the ones who wear their heart on their sleeve; who feel deeply and love even deeper. This beautiful business is owned and operated by a sweet couple who handcraft each piece of jewelry with love and attention to detail.

about the brand design

about the brand

My Millie Jewelry

This is a timeless and soulful brand. A subtle rainbow has been incorporated into the right side of the 'M' symbolizing life after loss. The stars, luminaries which shine at night, symbolize new beginnings — those now, and those that are still on their way; encouraging hope. Therefore the twinkling star.

The results

MyMillie is a successful and thriving business with over 10K of positive reviews on Etsy. Their brand relaunch elevates their business visuals to align with their current success and will support them as the company continues to grow and touch lives.