Not only does Kelly capture memories, she assists with styling the whole family, supplies a closet full of gorgeous gowns. She provides luxurious print work to grace your walls that you can cherish for a lifetime.

about the brand design

about the brand

It's difficult to stand out in the photography space, but we've done it here. In our work together, we've designed a brand that embodies Kelly's full service offerings that set her apart. She is carving out a place for herself as a high-end, professional photographer in Vancouver.

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The results

Since working with us, Kelly has consistently booked clients who she's enjoyed working with and who understood the value of their investment in her photography services. Because of this, her average sale per session has quadrupled and her business is thriving!

"Before working with Agatha, my brand lacked consistency or really an identity at all. I struggled to appeal to my ideal clients because it was unclear who I was or what I stood for. I struggled to find clients who valued me and my work. I was on the edge of giving up, assuming it was impossible to make a decent living in my business. Agatha gave my brand a clear identity that appealed to my ideal client.  

kind words from Kelly

Since working with her, I’ve consistently booked clients who I’ve not only loved working with, but who were happy to invest in me. Because of this, my average sale per session has quadrupled and my business is thriving!

If you’re considering updating your branding or website I highly recommend working with Agatha! Investing in her services is investing in yourself, and it’s so worth it!"