Five Wellness Practices to Change Your Life and Help You Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur.

July 7, 2021

Wellness for entrepreneurs

Being a business owner is no small feat. Add motherhood, and you have an incredible workload for 4. If I don’t set proper boundaries, self-care can become an ancient thing of the past, and before I know it, burnout has me. And burnout has a huge effect on my creativity, a precious “resource” that I don’t want to lose. So as you can understand,  I really try to avoid arriving at this place of depletion.

Self care can mean so many different things, but for me – I practice it for those around me.

Truthfully, these practices are ever evolving, and I often need reminders; to work at a more compassionate pace, to practice wellness so that I can give more abundantly out of a fuller cup.


Mindfully set Boundaries

Working from home, means I can work on any day, at any time; the opportunity to work is always at my finger tips. It can be hard, not having a physical barr

If I ever work after supper, I don’t work past 9pm. I know, that may even seem late to some people. But I do take the next hour to wind down from work, and prep for bedtime. What are ways you can instill boundaries.


Take Teatime

Taking regular breaks from work has been a lifesaver. I take regular breaks from my work and typically spend it drinking herbal tea. Don’t forget to take breaks, studies show that taking breaks boots your productivity. As my therapist would say “slow down to hurry up”.


Set bo

  1. Boundaries
  2. Time alone
  3. Teatime
  4. Journaling
  5. Accept help from others



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